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About Anti Clone

We Provide Anti Clone
System for Parking.

Prevention of RFID Fraud (Cloning & Hacking) With SKeyMa (Secret Key Management) End-to-End Secure Encryption System Based on AES128 & 3DES.

— Anti Clone System for Parking

How Its Mechanism Works.

Long Range UHF Reader reads the registered microchip built-in the tear-torn sticker/UHF card inside the vehicle from afar and the barrier gate is then triggered to open ahead of time. As such, vehicles can enter without the need to fully stop for flashing of card at the reader. This allows for smoother traffic flow and greatly reduces traffic jam during peak hours.

A deep commitment to the Anti Clone Parking System.

To reduce the security risks and to prevent cloning from taking place, there are several security measures that you can take into account.

End to End Encrypted Parking System.

Encrypting the data stored on the RFID tag makes it difficult for unauthorized individuals to read or copy the information.

Which security measures are possible to prevent cloning?

Nedap’s UHF tags support a locked serialized TID. The TID value is programmed and locked by the chip manufacturer and cannot be cross-copied into another tag. The reader must be configured to read both the EPC and TID numbers. To make sure that cloning can’t happen, it’s important that the access control system verifies if both numbers are a valid combination.

We build Anti Clone Parking Solution.

We are optimists who love to work together. Our mission is to prevent clone card access for every client, on every project. Let’s collaborate and make an impact with our cross-discipline approach to install anti clone system.

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Looking for building access anti clone?

Building Card Anti Clone
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