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  • Hard coded anti clone system for enterprise physical security.

  • Hard coded anti clone system for enterprise physical security.

  • Hard coded anti clone system for enterprise physical security.

  • Hard coded anti clone system for enterprise physical security.

These world-class companies are already using Anti Clone System.

We protect you from clone cards and increase your RFID security.

01 Commercial & Residential
02 Data Centre
03 Educational Institution
04 Financial Institution
05 Government
06 Health Care Facility
07 Hospitality
08 Industrial
09 Non-profit Organization
10 Petrochemical/ Oil & Gas
11 Transportation & Logistics
12 MICE Venue
How it Works

Magical security solutions.

01 / Encryption

Encrypting the data stored on the RFID tag makes it difficult for unauthorized individuals to read or copy the information.

02 / Unique Serial Number

Each RFID tag can be assigned a unique serial number, which can be used to identify and authenticate the tag.

03 / Kill Command

A "kill" command can be used to deactivate an RFID tag if it is suspected of being cloned.

04 /Physical protection

Keeping the RFID tag in a shielded material to prevent others from reading the information on the RFID tag

Building Access

Parking Access

Commercial Access

Residential Access

Cloud Access Control

Web Access Management

Cyber Security

End-to-End Encryption

We are leading provider of RFID anti-cloning solutions.
We specialize in developing and delivering cutting-edge technology that helps businesses and organizations protect their RFID-enabled systems from unauthorized duplication and cloning.

Our vision

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Scalable access control

Manage your spaces from a single pane of glass, anywhere, anytime. Easily set specific access levels across your entire facility. Integrate door access with your SSO provider for real-time provisioning and insights on people entering and exiting your spaces.

Powerful integrations

Streamline operations and minimize security threats by integrating Kisi with your existing tech stack. Integrate security cameras, data analytics tools, visitor systems, and even industry-specific software like coworking or fitness apps to enjoy more control with less manual overhead.

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Secure spaces and prevent tailgating with Anti Clone video intercom and video management system. Identify trends and vulnerabilities in your security. Measure the impact of security policy changes by comparing historical data within the dashboard.

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