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Anti Clone System for Wallet

We Provide Anti Clone System for Wallet.

We build good experiences for our clients, our partners, our team, our subcontractors, and our community.

— RFID Blocking & Jamming

Credit & Debit Card Protection for your wallet.

RFID Blocking & Jamming Credit & Debit Card Protection for your wallet and passport / NFC Jamming card, protects several cards at the same time, Vaultskin Edition, Credit Card Size, Modern


Protects your RFID enabled cards, passport, driving license, etc from RFID skimming (electronic pickpocketing).


Uses sophisticated electromagnetic jamming technology frequently used in military applications. CONVENIENCE - You no longer need to wrap your credit card in foil. Just keep anti-clone card together with your cards in your wallet to ensure RFID security.


Anti Clone card lasts forever. The card has an extremely efficient energy harnessing technology which allows it to be powered by energy from RFID scanner.


Anti Clone card automatically adjust power of its jamming signal to ensure your RFID enabled cards, passport etc remain protected even against very powerful RFID skimming systems.

Credit & Debit Card Protection

advanced protection against RFID fraud, jams out and blocks RFID skimming systems, shielding credit and debit cards and keeps personal data safe. Effective against all modern RFID/NFC systems operating at 13.56MHz

We build Anti Clone Parking Solution.

We are optimists who love to work together. Our mission is to prevent clone card access for every client, on every project. Let’s collaborate and make an impact with our cross-discipline approach to install anti clone system.

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Looking for building access anti clone?

Building Card Anti Clone
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