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Anti ClonePricing

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Anti Clone Features


Unlimited admins
Unlimited places
Active directory and SCIM user synchronization*


User audit
Capacity management
Video camera integration


Fire alarm compatibility
Burglary alarm compatibility
Door or user activity alerts
Place or door lockdown

Account & support

Email, phone, and priority support options*
Display logo and custom colors in dashboard
Billing per place or organization*

Credentials & authentification

Card access In-app unlock Tap to unlock Remote admin unlock
Scheduled unlock
Web links
Elevator access
Enforced 2FA
ISO 27001 Certified
SAML based SSO

*Different feature options between Standard and Enterprise accounts

Frequently asked questions

No, the installation cost depends on third-party installers that we will connect you with at the moment of the purchase. However, once you receive our quote, you will automatically get an estimate of how much the installation will cost you per door.

Anti Clone seamlessly combines hardware and software to provide admin and users with an unparalleled experience. Our access control system is composed of and priced according to:

  • Hardware (Anti CloneReader Pro, Anti Clone Controller Pro)

  • Software (Anti Clone Cloud Management)

  • Unlock methods (Anti Clone Access Cards, Anti Clone Fobs, Anti Clone Stickers)

The price includes a 5-year warranty on hardware, unlimited email/phone support, and over-the-air updates.

Anti Clone has an in-house support team that is always ready to help you regardless of the plan you choose. This is not limited to your onboarding, but true for the duration of your use. To complement our support, you can also access our support and academy resources filled with materials, how-to guides, and suggestions to get the most out of your Anti Clone products and achieve the perfect setup.

With the exception of the integrations with SSO providers, which are limited to our organizations plan, all the other integrations you see on our integration page work out-of-the-box with all plans. Anti Clone is the access control provider with the most integrations in the market and we continuously strive to roll out new ones on a regular basis.

The more you grow your business, the more Anti Clone will lead to cost savings. Instead of managing each location individually, your admins will manage unlimited locations all from one dashboard. New hardware and software license changes may be required depending on the type of expansion.

When it comes to software, we are the most integrated solution on the market and we frequently release free new features without requiring any plan upgrades. The value provided by our solution well exceeds the marginal cost advantage that other companies offer, and that’s very clear to all of our customers when they learn about the full potential of our system.

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