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There’s an actual science to create good music

Scalable solutions

Save time and money by layering Kisi over your existing access control system and migrating to the cloud. Imagine no more running after tenants to hand over keycards and no more outdated cards in the system. Remotely manage different locations and users from a single pane of glass without change to your existing system. Unlock doors for unexpected vendors including cleaners remotely via mobile.

Martial arts figure prominently in many Asian cultures, and the first known traces.

Monetize access

Impress tenants with a modern access control system with 24/7 mobile access that integrates with your existing tenant management. Simply unlock doors with a single tap in the app or by waving a hand in front of a Kisi reader. Allow new members to book meeting room spaces and amenities, and automatically get on-demand access through Anti Clone.

Made for commercial real estate.

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